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Sol Energy installed its first solar PV system over 12 years ago and have unparalleled experience within the industry. We specialise in both commercial and residential PV solar panels installations and can offer both purchased and free installs for commercial PV. We are a Solarworld installation partner.

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Driveways and Paths

For resin bound driveways and paths please visit our dedicated website at www.resinboundsolutions.com

PV solar panels installers for homeowners and commercial businesses


We design and install cost-effective PV Solar Panels installations which significantly reduce the energy bills and the carbon footprints of homeowners and businesses across the UK.

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Biomass heating installers for homeowners and businesses


Biomass is a name for organic material that is used to produce clean and sustainable energy. It is now one of the most popular heating and hot water systems available today

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Infrared Heating panel installers


Although fairly new to the UK market, Infrared Heating is used across Europe & by NASA as a principle heating source. Not only will it greatly reduce your energy bills, it also has health improving assets.

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Energy saving LED retrofit replacement lighting bulbs


Lighting for homes and businesses takes between 40% to 80% of our electricity budget. LED Lighting replacement energy saving retrofit bulbs will cut your bills by up to 90%, with no loss in lighting quality.

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During our 12 year history we have installed over 7000 heating systems and are specialists in both domestic and commercial installations. We are a ETA installation partner and also have installed Frolling, Ponast and Wiessman biomass boilers.

Sol Energy Renewables are based in the West Midlands and have teams based in Shropshire, Yorkshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire & Norfolk which install nationwide. We can offer you a free energy audit and show you how renewables can pay for themselves & save money plus reduce energy consumption. In some cases it can generate extra cash for you.

We believe in renewable integration and specialise in combining PV Solar panels with LED and or Biomass and or infrared heating together with other energy saving devices and efficient renewable energy controls to maximise more savings.

UK Governments Feed in Tariffs

The feed-in tariff system is designed as an incentive for home and building owners to move away from conventional fossil fuels and on to renewable energy sources. In simple terms it is government legislation which guarantees a fixed, premium rate for renewable electricity generated, payable for up to 20 years even, if it is used in the building!

The Feed-in Tariff legislation fixes an above market rate for utility companies to buy electricity from homeowners and businesses that produce renewable energy with a PV solar panels system. This is a long term fixed tariff, which makes renewable energy an investment prospect as it guarantees a return. Generation tariffs and export tariffs are linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI) which ensures they rise with inflation.

How much could you earn from PV solar panels?

Current Rates are

  • 12.47p/kWh* ‘Small PV solar panels systems up to 4kW’
  • 11.30p/kWh* ‘Systems up to 10kW’
  • 9.63p/kWh* ‘Systems up to 50 to 150kW’
  • 9.21p/kWh* ‘Systems up to 151 to 250kW’

On top of this, there is 4.85p/kWh for each kWh that you export to the grid.

We will be happy to provide more details on FIT and how it works for you, please request a consultation here.

The UK Governments Feed In Tariffs incentive is currently under review with changes expected in 2016. If you install PV solar panels now, you will qualify for the Governments GUARANTEE to pay you a premium for the electricity you generate, whether you use it or not. Read about the Feed In Tariffs here.

Your solar installer must be accredited to the MCS or you cannot claim the Feed In Tarrif Incentive

You still have time to invest in your future if you act now.

The Renewable Heat Incentive?

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is similar to the Feed in Tariffs but for heat generation. You can benefit from the RHI if you install any of the following types of renewable technology:

  1. Biomass (wood burning) Boiler
  2. Solar Thermal panels.
  3. Ground source & Air source Heat Pumps
How the Renewable Heat Incentive works

The RHI has been introduced for commercial and domestic properties, you as a customer receive a premium rate for every unit of heating that is generated by your system, this is paid to you by the Government. The commercial subsidy last for up to 20 years, with the domestic subsidy lasting for 7 years, but paid at a higher rate.

Commercial RHI Rates

  • 4.18p ‘Biomass up to 200kW
  • 5.18p Biomass above 200kW

For the more information, please contact us

Your solar installer must be accredited to the MCS or you cannot claim the  Renewable Heat Incentive. It is also important to note that system owners will be required to have a Green Deal Assessment on their property and meet certain energy efficiency standards to be eligible.

For the more information and the latest tarrifs, please visit the RHI

Over the last 12 years Sol Energy Renewables has embraced all aspects of renewable energy. We are always looking at the new technology as it emerges and try to include it in our energy saving designs and installations.

Our standards are high, so all new technology we use is tested to extremes before being used in installations. Our criteria require quality, performance, durability and longevity. We only employ engineers who are trade served and fully up to date on health and safety requirements.

We firmly believe in renewable integration and specialise in combining PV Solar panels with LED lighting and or Biomass and or infrared heating together with other energy saving devices and efficient renewable energy controls to maximise more savings.

If you would like a no obligation quote or assessment on PV solar panels or other renewable energy sources, please contact us for impartial advice.

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  • I would thoroughly recommend Sol Energy who have professionally install not only over 100kW of PV and 4 biomass boilers but also installed our LED lighting, which has drastically reduced our energy consumption.

    PV Solar Panels installed in Bridgnorth shropshire
    David Beech – Craven Dunnill, Bridgnorth
    Finance Controller
  • we have had 10 Kw Solar panels installed and also an Infrared heating system – I can’t recommend them highly enough – they know what they are doing when it comes to renewables.

    PV solar panels installed Wychbury
    Daniel Johnson Wychbury Nursing Home
  • We had solar panels installed on our house roof in Belbroughton, it was hassle free and a really good job with really friendly workmen. Highly recommended.

    PV Solar panels installed Belbroughton
    Megan Edwards
  • The guys at Sol Energy did a fantastic job in installing solar on our new bungalow – I would definitely use them again.

    PV Solar Panels installed on a bungalow
    Mr Kendrick – Shrewsbury
  • Sol did a first class job on both the solar and biomass installations

    PV Solar panels installed caravan park
    Trotting Mare Caravan Park Overton, Wrexham
  • I Had my first solar system installed over 4 years ago and had no hesitation in getting Sol to return and install again on my new house

    PV Solar Panels installed on a home in Stevenage
    Steven Whitehouse – Stevenage
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