Combined Heat and Power CHP Installations Domestic & Commercial Use

A small combined heat and power chp unitCombined Heat and Power CHP is the use of a single piece of plant (CHP engine) to generate both heat and electricity. In conventional power generation, large quantities of energy in the form of heat are wasted.

It is estimated that CHP plants are, on average, 95% efficient, compared to present power plants which are only 38% efficient. This is because in a normal power plant, the heat generated is wasted when it is vented into the atmosphere.

CHP is an alternative means of supplying energy and often the single biggest measure for reducing building related carbon dioxide emissions and running costs.

Combined Heat and Power CHP units generates electricity and captures usable heat

CHP generates electricity whilst also capturing usable heat that is produced in this process. Although the investment can be quite large the returns from the government RHI & FIT payments can be quite impressive when using biomass fuels to power the plant.

If you consume electricity round the clock and have a continuous heat demand then it might be worth looking at the benefits a CHP plant can deliver.

CHP grants & interest free loans
The Government’s 100% backing of micro generation means grants and free interest loans are available to anyone considering a CHP installation
Five types of CHP Cogeneration
  1. Reciprocating engine power plants.

  2. Combined cycle.

  3. Backpressure.

  4. Extraction condensing.

  5. Gas turbine heat recovery.

Combined heat and power working diagram
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