PV solar panels domestic home installations still offer good returns

PV solar panels domestic home installations still offer good returns with full payback in around 6 years and a 20 year return of around £30,000. With energy prices rising by an average of 9% per year over the last 10 years, installing solar panels is really a good way of investing against future increases

UK Governments ‘Feed In Tariff’ for PV solar panels

The feed in tariff is guaranteed for 20 years by the government and is tax free, this will increase in line with the RPI index year on year. If you have a Solar Panels PV system installed at your home, you’ll benefit from being paid for the electricity you generate, along with being paid for exporting power ( 50% of the total generation regardless of what you consume) and you get to use the electricity for free, which can reduce your electricity bills by as much as £300-£400.

Latest efficient PV solar panels and generating equipment

We only install the latest and most efficient equipment and are SolarWorld installation partners. We are also micro inverter / optimiser specialists, these devices help produce more power from your roof with better warranties as well as providing panel level monitoring. We can also fit other energy saving devices such as immersions (which heat water in your immersion heater for free), Energy storage systems, LED lighting and infra red heating panels.

Free estimates

If you would like a free estimate for either solar panels PV, Biomass or LED lighting, please use our Ping your Roof application (on right of page), or call us on 0333 772 0246 and let us show you how we endeavour to always live up to our mantra “always exceed our customer expectations”

Is your roof suitable for solar PV
PV Solar Panels roof rating chart

To find out if your roof is suitable for a PV solar panels installation, please use our “Ping your Roof tool”. Input your postcode then select your house on our satellite view map, add your email address and we will contact you with your results.

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