Commercial PV solar panel installations still offer fantastic returns of upto 16% over 5 years on investment

Solar panels commercial business Installations a real investment

Solar panels commercial business installations offer both fantastic returns on the investment, as well as hedging against future energy price rises and reducing your CO2 emissions. Returns of over 16% and payback in fewer than 5 years are not uncommon. When combined with LED lighting your energy savings can be very significant.

As reporting our carbon footprints and reducing our carbon emissions become a key aspect of business, especially those looking at building partnerships with suppliers and retailers , installing renewable energy system can help you. With ISO: 14001 increasingly a prerequisite for many partnerships, installing a Solar PV system and LED lighting alongside implementing your environmental management plan is the logical step to make.

If you do not wish to invest yourselves Sol Energy works with several investment partners who will pay for the installation in return for a PPA ( power purchase agreement) where you agree to purchase the power you use for a reduced price ( around 50% lower than you are currently paying).

The PPA will rise each year by the RPI (average forecast is 2.6%) whilst energy bills have risen on average 9% over the last 10 years. This means that a 250kW system will save around £250,000 over 20 years, 500kW around £600,000 and 1MW around £1,200,000 over the 20 years.

Is your roof suitable for PV solar panels
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To find out if your roof is suitable for a solar panels commercial business installations please uses our “ping your roof tool”. Input your postcode then select your house on our satellite view map, add your email address and we will contact you with your results.

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Solar Panels Commercial Business Installations Specialists

Solar panels commercial business installations with man on a roof of a warehouse
Roof level commercial PV solar panels with design team
Ground level elevated commercial PV solar panels
Solar Panels Commercial Business Installations Specialist Installers

Sol Energy Renewables have over 12 years experience in solar panels commercial business Installations. We are also are experts in fitting micro inverters and optimisers as part of the PV solution, these systems offer free monitoring at the panel level as well as offering increased warranties and guarantees

Whether you buy or install free on roof solar, you will reduce the carbon footprint of your company, hedge against energy price rises and will help you comply with present and future government requirements to strive for energy efficiency. For Councils and Government departments we can off a Teckal solution for free solar.

If you would like a free estimate for either PV, Biomass or LED lighting, please use our Ping your roof application and we will email you our proposal.

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